express your creativity

La Mugletta

Ground yourself, center yourself and surpass yourself. At Officina La Mugletta, Ulla’s ceramics studio, everyone can find their very own way to express themselves creatively.


The maker

Ulla Kinzler is a self-taught ceramicist with experience in various technologies and approaches. After her first Raku and Bucchero courses during the summer vacations, her passion to learn more about this wonderful craft was awakened. For over 20 years Ulla has now been working and experimenting with the satin soft clay, which can be rethought and reshaped over and over again. Perfection is never the focus, but always the soul of an object. Her works have already been presented in exhibitions and can be found among ceramic lovers around the world.


Hitting your own tone

What could be better suited to the Euganean Hills than working with the elements? Would you like to immerse yourself in the wonderful craft of ceramic art and give free rein to your creativity? Then book a course during your stay with us.

Acquire Ulla’s ceramic art

Each of Ulla’s objects tells its own story. Immerse yourself …