May 26 – “potenzialità inespresse” @ La Mugletta

Kick-off event at B&B La Mugletta

Hidden skills and potential lie dormant in every person, and it is important to awaken and bring them to light, which is best done in a community.

With his project “potenzialità inespresse” (unexpressed potential), Ascanio Brozzetti wants to create an opportunity to awaken this potential.

What unites people, brings them together, builds community best, if not a shared lunch at the long table. Ascanio Brozzetti had on 26.5. invited to lunch.

10 invited guests gathered at B&B La Mugletta on the last Sunday in May to taste a menu created by Ascanio with local ingredients and to share their experiences.

As Ascanio said at the end: a start has been made, who knows what can and will develop from it.

We hope there will be more events and skills will be awakened and brought to light, La Mugletta is happy to provide the framework for this.