La Mugletta as a film set for the short film “ICETEA”

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The director Alessia Buiatti is looking for a set to realize her short film project “ICETEA”. In the summer of 2021, the film ICETEA will be shot entirely at B&B La Mugletta in just a few days with great enthusiasm.

Now, in 2024, the film has been selected for various film festivals:

  • Genoa Film Festival La Lanterna, April/May 2024
  • Bardolino Film Festival, June 2024
  • Nettuno Film Festival Tracce Cinematografiche, July 2024
  • 16th International Documentary and Short Film Festival in Kerala, India, July 2024
  • 32nd Chichester International Film Festival, England, August 2024

Director: Alessia Buiatti
Starring: Margherita Mannino and Francesco Wolf
Screenplay: Alessia Buiatti and Lorenzo Pezzano

We wish ICETEA every success at the film festivals.

Here is the link to the studio’s website where you can watch the trailer: